Blue Sapphire

Variety: Corundum
Chemical Composition: Aluminum Oxide
Hardness: 9.0
Specific Gravity: 4.00(+.03)
Refractive Index: 1.76-1.78
Color: every color but red, which would be a ruby, must most commonly blue.
Where Found: Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Montana

The Folklore:

Sapphire is known as the “Stone of Prosperity, eliminating frustration and emanating positive energy. They are linked with the planet Saturn. Sapphires were once believed to protect someone from going deaf or blind. They are the gemstone designated for the month of September.



The Aesthetics

While Sapphires are available in a wide range of colors from yellow to pink, green to purple, violet to orange, the Blue Sapphire is the most popular. I am often called upon to design engagement rings using a blue sapphire instead of a diamond as the centerpiece.