SOME GOOD NEWS! Our Manufacturing Team set up to work in solo spaces to complete special orders and repairs. In-stock items and gift cards are available for immediate purchase with nationwide shipping or Chicago area delivery. Extended return policy in effect. Our Roscoe Village storefront will open by appointment (or chance) June 1st. Pleas contact Ellie for more information.

Design Journal

A New Collection: Designing the First Piece, PART IV

A New Collection: Designing the First Piece, PART IV

Constraint-less, I have now explored many many different possibilities for this earring design. The size of the petals in length, the number of petals, their width, the shape, the attachment, the arrangement, the shape- flat or curved, soft or stark... the same or different.

What I have created now is a deadline. I will launch the new collection from our new shop in Chicago's Roscoe Village in April of 2020.

The collection is called "Groundbreaking- Florals for Spring"    ...with apologies to the Devil Wears Prada....